Frolicking donkeys and sherbert sheets: a thrifty round-up

vintage velvet painting

Well I've been having fun junk hunting lately.  Here's a quick blah blah of what I've found over the past few months.  I don't keep any of it - I'm just the middle man between one man's trash and one man's treasure.  (...but I'm a woman, so there's that. we can discuss man-phrasing later if you want)  I started selling again on … [Read More...]

Family Heirloom gets a makeover

About two years ago - just as we were finishing up our big renovation - I got a call from my father-in-law: Him: "Moo (he calls me Moo) do you want that big thing that was in the dining room in the old house?" Me:  (thinking - big thing big thing what's the big thing) "what's the big thing?" Him: " You know that thing where all the … [Read More...]

Secrets of summer treasure hunting in New England

You loved that vintage vase when you bought it years ago, but now it doesn’t quite light up the room the way it used to and may be time to move on. Don’t get down on yourself.  Sometimes love isn’t meant to last.  Lucky for you, it is vintage-stuff-getting season (and it is ALWAYS vintage-selling-stuff season).  Here’s a quick guide to help … [Read More...]

Spring blossoms at 10 below

hyacinth magnolia fern winter bouquet

Who cares about winter's biting cold?  Its spring here in my kitchen. … [Read More...]

Growing meyer lemons

I’ve tried and tried to grow Meyer lemons for years.  I pruned, spritzed, fed and even polished dull leaves – but never got a response.  I had the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of lemon trees:  a few spindly sticks with a couple of apathetic leaves. I left the plant out on my patio all summer and ignored it.  If it wanted to be a stick, let it be … [Read More...]

Pair of mid century artichoke lamps

Note from the management:  Last post on this blog?  Last May.  LAST. MAY.  I was so into it for a while and then it all faded away.  I think I was trying too hard.  Link parties, photo watermarks, long afternoons of Photoshopping, blah, blah.  Took too much time.  It stopped being fun, and felt like an obligation so I gave it up. But I would … [Read More...]

Metal salvage treasures

Here's a quick round up of the lovely little artsy bits I found at the dump in the past month.  Truly my town dump reminds me of Brimfield on a good day. And old green industrial light was folded in half at some point and rusted clear through.  Now it looks like angel wings to me! My preciousssss.  Would you look at that.  Someone … [Read More...]

History from the metal pile

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know that our local dump has a great metal pile.  Here's a treasure I picked out about 10 years ago and just rediscovered in my garage: This great old painted metal sign is from the old Cream Crock, which I think was an ice creamery here in Harvard.  I'm pretty sure they're still in … [Read More...]

Spring is here – so let us go forth and buy junk

One of the things I love most about spring is picking through the wreckage of last year's garden to find the mighty daffodils poking up through the last bits of stubborn snow.  Is is a time of refreshing re-discovery, a season of small but delightful gifts. It is also the season for spring cleaning.  Deep within each of us is a base desire to … [Read More...]

Milk or Junk?

Have you ever gone out for a gallon of milk and found yourself at a thrift store?  This happens to me all the time. My house is decorated with so many thrifted and yard-saled (and just plain dump-picked) things.  Sometimes I play a game with myself and inventory all of the the things I've actually bought NEW and the things I've "rescued" from … [Read More...]