Let there be light

It is a bright beautiful day here in Massachusetts!  I can’t think of a better way to spend my time on such a gorgeous day than indoors in dusty warehouses among a bunch of other people’s cast off stuff!

Yep – it’s a thrifty day and boy am I glad I headed out to scoop up what the Gods Of Junk had laid out for me today.  It was a banner day.

I brought home a lot of stuff – these two little french furniture pieces were a steal –



I have some chalk paint that I’ve been wanting to try – I think these will be my first victims uh, I mean projects.  Projects.  They’ll be my first projects.

I also found a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that had great decorating potential:


And even though I wouldn’t wear this scarf, I might frame it as a piece of mid-century art work!  For 99 cents how could I  resist?


But the stuff that really excites me today are the lamps I found.

Keep in mind that I set out before this trip looking at Jenny’s inspiring post at Little Green Notebook about painting a chandelier and The Weathered Door’s turquoise lamp project.

I spotted this brass lamp and knew it would be a great one to try The Weathered Door’s technique on:


And Jenny’s post has me under the delusion that I MIGHT be able to take this boring, brass chandelier and turn it into the masterpiece she showed from Decor Demon.


And just for good measure I scooped up the pair of ugly silver lamps that were on the same shelf as the brass lamp.  Those puppies are about 30″ tall with their shades and I know that I need BIG lamps to hold their own in our new great room and its 15 foot ceilings.


But I doubt I will keep the shades.  Drum shades are the way to go.

Maybe they need to be painted a nice bright baby blue?  Hmmm.  Or mossy green?  Or chartreuse!

But the super-happy haul were these two mid-century HEAVY brass lamps with the wild fiberglass shades.  The color doesn’t show well in this photo (dang iPad photos!) but the shade is ivory with coral, white and black detail plus a whipstitched seam.  TO DIE FOR!


Here they are tucked into the Super Van.  I was so excited I had to photograph them right away!




These I won’t paint.  I have no idea what I’ll do with them, but I couldn’t just LEAVE them sitting there in the big old warehouse!

I had to stash everything in my studio closet for now but I think I might prime up the brass lamp and see how far I get with transforming these beauties!


Too Much Time On My Hands

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  1. Those lamps are psyco-delic!!!!!

  2. oooh, such fun potential going on. I am kicking myself for ditching our UGLY brass chandeliers a few years ago. I love when they are repainted in a bold bright color. Good luck with your fun projects:)

  3. looks like you found some really cool decor! Love the lamps!

  4. From one Massachusetts gal to another, great loot!!!!!
    A couple of days ago i bought a chandelier that’s a close relative of yours. Mine has 6 lights, but otherwise, I’m thinking they are at least cousins. I did find ONE glass shade so now have to hunt down 5 more….good thing I have learned patience in my almost old age! Down here in NC rural area it takes awhile to find “stuff.”

    You lead the way with the painting and i will follow, thanking you each step of the way. Your bucket paint stand is a good idea and I will use it. I’m wondering if the primer will stick to the metal? Hope you’ll address that as the chandelier job goes along.
    I’m signing up for your posts and look forward to more more more. You are good, girl!!!!

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