Rocket lamp

The other day I was wandering through a big warehouse thrift store and nothing was really speaking to me. At first glance I was sure I’d find something! The place was cavernous and there were rows and rows of furniture and household doo-dads, plus chandeliers hanging overhead. But after forty five minutes – nothing. Not a thrill, not a wow, not a omg.


As I was about to walk out the door I took one last glance over my shoulder and noticed something I had overlooked: an awesomely ugly hanging lamp. Oops – wait. Not awesomely ugly, but rather mid-century Danish Modern fantastic.

I had a ka-bow moment – I needed to have it!


But of course – there was no price. So I took it to the counter and the clerk said $40, but I hesitated and in less than a minute it went to $30 and if I bought a tee shirt I’d get 50% off. Sold!

The more I look at it, the more I see its rather lovely, rocket-like design.  And the retro fiberglass shade looks really cool when it is lit:


And it does have very nicely crafted detail:


Now I have it home and I can’t imagine what I’ll do with it.  That’s the funny thing about The Hunt – sometimes I find things that I just need to rescue.  Sometimes I keep them for myself, and sometimes I just pass them along to others.

This little charmer is going into the new etsy store I set up last week.  I listed a pair of mid-century lamps on etsy last week ( I talk about scoring those lamps in this post ) and they sold within the first hour!

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  1. Melanie Berry says:

    Take the hanging chains off and it is a super cool table lamp!

  2. i thought it would be good as a table lamp, too. man, this is such a unique piece!

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