New year, new crunchy look

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope your holidays were relaxing (ha! like who can relax at the holidays?? tell me, please!) and that you have found a sense of renewal and calm in this new year.

I’ve been busy over the past few weeks working with Kristi over at Linauer Designs to give the Crunchy Diva blog a new look.  I’ve been blogging since September and I really do love doing it, but the old blog look was just so – icky.  So not me.  So blah.

So Kristi worked out this wonderful new design and I’m so happy that it is up and running!


I’m trying to get the hang of managing it, and so far so good.  I haven’t blown up anything.  Yet.

I also got a new camera for Christmas so that I don’t have to take pictures with my Droid or my iPad anymore.  But figuring out how to work a 35mm camera AND how to run this fancy new blog is just bey-ond me, people.  Bear with me.  I’ll figure it all out soon enough.

Lots of projects in the hopper – more fun coming soon!

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  1. Great new look, Maggie. Definitely the right feel for this blog and your ideas.

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