Winter Light

The holiday season is solidly behind us now – the flurry of 2012 wrap-ups and 2013 resolution posts in the blogosphere confirms that!

I’ve taken down just about everything Christmas-y in my house…except for the lights.  I love the candles in my windows, and the little lighted village in my hallway. They are little beacons of cozy light that I have such a hard time parting with….



The bustle of the holidays distracts me from the gloom of short, dark days and the disappointment of dusk falling at mid-afternoon.  Lighted trees, candles and the warmth of holiday cooking are rewards for soldiering through the early-dark days.  But once my attention turns to the New Year, I need to move toward a new sort of light – one that promises that spring will come soon.

I’m sure you are thinking “spring? is she nuts?  we are in deep winter now…”

Yes we sure are – icicles, snow, and below-freezing days…   Got ’em.



And I do love winter – don’t get me wrong.  I love snow shoes, cross country skis and fires in the fireplace.  I even love being cold – as long as I know that there is a warm, cozy place waiting for me at the end of the day.

And I do appreciate the clear, stark blue of the winter sky

dormer copy


But I miss my summer gardens and the delight of growing things.  So at this time of year I do start to turn my attentions toward spring and bring a different sort of light into my home by cultivating a bunch of flowering plants.

This little winner was calling my name at the Home Depot checkout the other day.  And for $3.97 I couldn’t resist…




Flowering plants bring a different kind of light into the house.   A kind of light that promises that spring will come again and the cycle of the growing season is drawing near.



Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still enjoy plants indoors by forcing bulbs.  It is perfect for the black-thumb types because you EXPECT that they will die off soon – once you force the bulbs and the blooms die away, you can toss the whole kaboodle outside and the bulbs MIGHT even take out there and grow again.



Here’s what you need to force bulbs indoors this winter:

  • A clear bowl, glass or jar
  • aquarium rocks from the pet store
  • bulbs (usually deeply discounted at this time of year)

Just add a few rocks to the bottom on the glass container, plop a few bulbs in (you can add a single bulb or crowd in a whole bunch – they don’t care!), top off with a few more rocks, add enough water to cover the bottom half of the rocks are you are ready to roll!

In a few weeks you will have lovely blooms.

This year I planted tulips and daffodils.

Just before Christmas I planted paperwhites – they lasted about five weeks!  They’re just now starting to droop to the point where I’ll have to toss them out



But even as they begin to die down, they still glow green in the sun and animate the precious few hours of winter light I have with shadows

cropped paperwhites

Which is enough to get me through til spring.

What do you do to find light in the middle of a dark winter?



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  1. I did the same thing…. I brought out more white tulips after I took down the Christmas ornaments!! Spring is my favorite seasons. (I live in the midwest….so we truly have FOUR seasons…… ugh)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Danelle – I hope your tulips bloom. Mine seems to be stuck at the 3″ green leaf stage…

  3. thanks for visiting my blog today and clearly great minds think alike, lol 🙂

    I have bulbs going too! It’s just the right sort of early cheer needed at this time ! 🙂

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