$25 Coffee Table

Coffee tables are tricky.  Is the size right?  Is the scale right?  Are the materials right?  And I going to whack a gash in my shin everytime I walk by it?  I fuss over choosing a coffee table far more than I fuss over bigger things, like say couches or carpets.

So how stunned was I when I walked into my local consignment shop and saw the PERFECT coffee table for —

wait for it —


Let me say that again – twentyfivedollars.

And she is one pretty midcentury mama

Have a look:



I love the simplicity of it – just chrome and glass




The chrome legs are heavy enough to give the table real presence, but the glass top doesn’t interfere with the rug or the couches.



I think I’ll have to get rid of those little white things that are between the glass and the chrome.   They look like felty chewed gum.

Maybe there are little clear things I can use instead that don’t look so intrusive.

In the mean time, the room is coming together slowly, and for now I have a nice place to set my coffee as I ponder my next steps.


And it only cost me $25 (oh, did I already say that?)


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  1. Suzanne Streets says:

    ‘Felty chewed gum’… lol!!!

  2. Ha! Felty Chewed Gum! That cracked me up! I love the glass and chrome and what a steal for $25.00!

  3. Awesome FIND!!!!! hugs and thanks for sharing : )

  4. What a score for sure, the rug and sofa are also stunning ( I just got done going through the process of picking a new sofa, ..red..neutral..now I wish I had gone red!)

    Jan @ The Pink Geranium!

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