Too many wire baskets…



My name is Maggie and I am a wire basket addict.

I didn’t realize it was happening.  I just started to pick up more and more baskets – at yard sales, thrift stores.  Even at the town dump.

Before I knew it I had a whole bunch of wire baskets.



Truth is, I don’t even really LIKE them that much.

I just have to pick them up and take them home whenever I see them.

Like lost puppies, or tiny little boxes of leftover Valentine’s chocolates you see on the clearance shelf at the pharmacy, they just seem forgotten, and needing a bit of rescue.

That’s where I come in.

I try storing fruit in them…


but then I don’t bother eating the fruit and it gets soft and the wire starts to imprint on the fruit, so I throw it out.

Because really – who wants to eat apples or peaches with wire marks on them?

I do sort of feel healthier just having the fruit out and available, though.  That should count for something…

But the fruit does look sort of pretty for a while…



And I imagine that I might take these wire baskets out at the holidays, like this heart-shaped one for Valentine’s Day…


But more often than not, I just forget that I have them when the holidays roll around and stumble across them in, like, July.

I’ve had that heart basket for about 20 years and I’ve never, ever taken it out at Valentine’s Day.

So I think I should divest myself of this clutter.  Kick the habit.  Put it all behind me.

I put the little heart one in my esty shop.  Anyone want to give it a forever home?

Is there something that you can’t help but buy when you are out and about?




  1. Musical instruments. I hoard them. Even ugly, broken, useless ones that weren’t any good even when they were brand new. It’s a problem.

  2. Well for not really liking wire basket you sure have the knack to find some really good ones. Really like the heart one. Thanks so much for your sweet words about our losing our precious Bo. I am so sorry you lost your Brandon at Thanksgiving. I had a Cocker spaniel, Slippers who dies at 4 years old of cancer, sorry your Brandon and you had to go through this. Again, thanks for your kinds words.

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I’m glad it afforded me the opportunity to visit your lovely corner of the blogosphere over here at Crunchy Diva.

    You’re so funny about your love of wire baskets. (Your post title made me think of the quote from Mommy Dearest, “No more wire hangers!” But for you, “No more wire baskets!”) I must admit, I do like the look of the wire baskets; anything vintage seems to catch my eye. But I can understand buying things you don’t really need or want, but feel that you have to. I’m that way with school supplies. I just can’t get enough!

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