Easy Painting Tip

Here’s a quick and easy tip to help keep your favorite paint handy for touch-ups without the hassle of having to haul out the paint can!

Save the plastic top from a shaker cheese container and screw it onto an empty mason jar::

IMG_0238 copy


Fill the jar with your favorite paint.

IMG_0240 copy


I use a a brown porch and floor paint from Behr called Bitter Chocolate on my handrails, stairs and (temporarily) on the plywood floor of my new great room!  You can see how great the color looks on the handrails in this post about our staircase make-over.

The cheese container top has a great flip top that you can use to dip your brush into the jar, and the edge of the opening is just right for scraping the excess paint off your brush.

IMG_0241 copy

Having this paint in a handy little spot makes it so much easier to do touch ups that I’d otherwise avoid because I didn’t want to fuss with the big, messy paint can:

IMG_0239 copy


And voila!  There you have it – a quick little tip that takes the hassle out of touching up your paint!

IMG_0245 copy


Go forth and touch up, my friends.

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  1. Great tips. Thanks so much for sharing.


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