Houseplant Thrifting

We’re socked in with over two feet of snow here in Massachusetts.    I am on my second day of being sick as a dog, so I got out of shoveling duty today – my super hubs and sons took care of that without a lick of complaint (love them!)

So while they were outside pushing around the fluffy stuff, I wandered around inside with my big flannel shirt on trying to find little things I could so I wouldn’t feel useless.   I stacked the dishwasher, picked up socks, and then decided to water the plants that I have wintering over in front of our big, sunny, south-facing french doors.    They’re all doing great – lush and blooming – but one little guy looked like it was at the end of its days, so I grabbed it to toss it out.



But then I looked closer and saw that even though I hadn’t watered it in weeks and it was in crummy soil, it was pushing up fresh, strong shoots!



Now – as a thrifter I cannot resist nursing some extra life out of something that at first glance looks like a goner –



Isn’t it beautiful?

Spring will come soon, my friends – Mother Nature is at work as we speak trying to push new life up from the forgotten earth….


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