Reveal: Bathroom shelves

When I designed our powder room, I made one wall very thick so that (a) I could fit a pocket door into it and (b) run plumbing to the second floor bathroom.  Funny thing is that rather than being 6″ thick, it ended up being a full foot thick!  Take away this cautionary advice –  be careful how you draw your plans, and maybe EVEN try to review them with your contractor before you set him off on his way with a hammer.

Oh well – the super-thick wall gave me the opportunity to build in some shelving in what is otherwise a very storage-starved and sort of blah space:


I decided to leave them simple and untrimmed so they wouldn’t feel overwhelming in the tight little space.

Because this is the powder room on the first floor used by guests, I decided to avoid using the shelves as functional storage (do you REALLY want to see the extra toilet paper and my hair dryer diffuser?  I think not…), and decided to let them be decorative instead!

So I hung some cute little architectural prints (actually post cards from IKEA in IKEA frames….)



added some kid art in complementary colors and collected up other knick-knacks that seemed to fit well…



and added an elephant ( I have a LOT of elephants – I suppose I should blog about that one day….)



because really – do you ever have enough elephants???




Look at how dern cute he is, with his little cracked-and-fixed trunk….

So that is the quick reveal for today!



Have you ever had a construction mistake yield an unexpected opportunity to pop in a little creative space?  Do tell!


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