Call Me Ishmael…

Call me Ishmael.

“Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me at home, I thought I would invest in a large and spacious refrigerator to store the spoils of my motherly excursions to the grocery store…”

All apologies to Mr. Melville and Moby Dick, too.

But I do understand the love/hate that Ahab had with the Great White Whale.

I, too, had a whale to slay.

It was my refrigerator.

fridge before

The depths of its buxom, 23.7 cubic feet shelters horseradish from Easter 2005, salsa from Summer ’07 and caviar from who-knows-when.

She served as storage for a thousand baby bottles, unintended science projects and Thanksgiving dinners that have brought the house down.

And she was the Keeper of the Age – the place where all school photos, remnant drawings and silly grocery lists found their home.

But she was rusty and big and – yipes! – sort of ugly.  And she stuck sooo far out from the cabinets.  A poor fit to say the least.

I longed for one of those fancy stainless steel fridges with the pretty french doors, but oy vey! they are wicked expensive.

I’ve looked for one for AGES on craigslist, at appliance stores and always came up empty.  Or with something that I LOVED for $1500.  No way, Jose.

This past Saturday, Mr. Crunchy Diva and I had some time to kill before we had to pick up kids at the movies and we wandered into the local Best Buy.

And there it was!  A returned stainless steel beaut that had one itty bitty teeny weensy dent on the front which means they marked it WAYYYYY down.  Like half price.  Like no kidding.

And then my husband actually NEGOTIATED with them and got it for even LESS than that!  A tidy little sum a good deal under $1000.

I am giddy.

It arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to take a picture of it.  I even left the stickers on:

fridge after


Betcha can’t even see the dent.  Look REALLY hard.

OK – I’ll tell you where it is:  just a little bit under the right side handle.  See it?  I can live with it.

See it from this side?  Love.


I actually turned out all of the lights last night just to open the doors and see the blue glow.





  1. Hooray for you !!…. It’s amazing isn’t it, that the most common items can make us the happiest !. Good for you.. and it looks wonderful. LOL@the blue light at night.. 🙂

    • Maggie Green says:

      So true, Sandy – if I could wrap my arms around it I would hug it.
      Or maybe not.
      That’s weird…

  2. Three dozen eggs? Are you keeping chickens?!

  3. It still sticks out, but what a buxom babe!
    Tell the truth, will you, How did you get such a big fridge in the same space the old one took up? And the new one actually fits under the upper shelving. No such thing could possibly happen in my old kitchen. You really have done well. Congratulations.

    • Maggie Green says:

      Thanks, MJ! I looked for a while – most fridges are 36″ wide and I only had 33″ to play with. I’m telling you – it was meant to be! It juuussst fit. The delivery guys were worried but I had them soldier on. Yay! And yay again!

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