Early spring thrifting score

A few weeks ago I found an extra hour in my day and jumped out of the house to hit a local super-thrift shop.

There were some cool furniture pieces, but I have so many furniture projects in the hopper that I can’t fit another THING in my house.

I really liked this two piece buffet – but (sniff!) I left it behind:



I did waltz out with a few little lovelies, though – –

A handmade pair of Mexican cowboy boots:

handmade mexican cowboy boots


I didn’t try them on because for $5 it didn’t really matter if they fit or not.  I just wanted them.

handmade cowboy boots


See that marking at the bottom?  A friend told me that means that they were handmade.  You can see the little cobbler’s hole just between the heel and the sole – see it?

handmade cowboy boots bottom

I had no idea that a little hole meant the boots were handmade.

Who knew there was something to LEARN from $5 cowboy boots?

The things you learn.  Huh!

I also snatched up the cutest little flower pot that has the best little secret!

Looks like a regular run-of-the-mill pot, right?

african violet pot


But wait!  It comes apart and the little insert is just the perfect size for potting an African violet, which is exactly what I did.  The outer pot holds the water and the little insert’s bottom is unglazed so it soaks up the water as it needs it.  Perfect environment from the humidity loving violet!

african violet pot two piece



These last few things were bundled together for $5 – and I love flow blue so I had to get them!

First was these funky set of salt and pepper shakers with matching salad servers.  Have you ever seen flow blue and Danish modern paired like this before?  I sure haven’t.  I’m putting them into my new etsy shop.

flow blue danish modern salt pepper salad


Those little puppies were taped (aaahhgrr!) with packing tape (the PAIN!) to this wonderful little serving platter:

flow blue square platter


This one I’m keeping.

Have you ever looked closely at the decorations on china before?

It seems that these folks are out for a walk in their lovely French garden:

antique english flow blue masons


But wait – what is that I see?  Is that a GOOSE?

antique french flow blue detail goose


OK, maybe it is a skinny dog – that would make more sense.

But I’m going to believe that the artist had a sense of humor and put a goose in the scene, thinking that only those who looked verrryyy carefully would get a kick out of it!

So goose it is.  That makes me happy.

Have fun on your thrifting adventures!  And have faith – soon it will be yard sale season – that comes right after Mud Season and Black Fly Season here in Massachusetts!



  1. I Play Outside The Box says:

    Just out of curiosity…what was the buffet set priced at?

    • Maggie Green says:

      Hi – it was priced at $125 but was marked down 30% – – so I guess that puts it at $88? I am so bad at math…..

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