Living room armoire

So we are still working away – slowly – on our new great room.  Still no stone work, still painted plywood floors -whatever.  I wasn’t too motivated to do much over the winter – the fall construction knocked the wind out of my sails!

We did a little decorating – got new couches and a rug but the room just wasn’t coming together.  Then it struck me – I needed something big to anchor the room.

But what?  Paint an accent wall?  Get a huge piece of artwork?  Oversized lamps?   Nothing seemed right.  (But I DID go out and thrift not one, but TWO pair of oversized lamps…)

And then it hit me:  I needed a giant armoire.

Now, I’m sure you’ve had this feeling before – this NEED – for a giant armoire.  I know you have.  A big, generous, stately piece of furniture that promises it will be around forever (mostly because it is so darn heavy that you simply WON’T move it again).

Here’s what the room looked like PA (pre-armoire)….

view across room before armoire

great room with red pier one couches before armoire


Sort of hard to put your finger on it but something is WRONG.

It must be this corner:

corner before armoire 2


That stupid elliptical.  Nobody uses it.  Why is it in my NEW room?  SOMEONE thought it would SO great to work out and watch the new, big TV.  That SOMEONE has yet to step on it.  Le sigh.

I guess that someone was me.

corner before armoire


But boy, did I score a design masterpiece with that vacuum in the corner?  And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the surge protector for the lights.  Love.

BARF!  I can’t believe I’m even showing you this picture.

So I scoured craigslist for a few weeks and happened upon this beaut, and I bought it from the nicest people:


large living room armoire from craigslist

It has lots of storage which I don’t even need.  I have storage coming out of my ears in this house.

I know, first world problems.

I did stick a few old quilts in it for good measure.  And popped old games in the lower drawers just in case my two teenaged sons have a craving for Scattergories or Monopoly.  Monopoly is big for us.  It brings out the Trump in all of us.  Not pretty, but so darn fun.




I love its slim profile… (ignore that weird stripe – that is some ghostly thing that doesn’t really exist…just don’t mind that one little bit)

armoire side view

It needed a bit of bling on top of it to help spiff it up…

Elephant bank with silver champagne bucket & mercury glass candle holders and baseball trophy

What’s that there?  See it?  There’s an elephant.  I have them everywhere.  I don’t even think I like elephants very much, but for some reason I keep buying them.  I put one on my bathroom shelves – you can see that here – and there are more in my living room, upstairs bath and pantry.

(my goodness, isn’t it the cutest thing?  this is a cast iron bank! of all things!)

cast iron elephant


There really is no helping me.  Elephants.  Swooon.

Moving on…

I love these two mercury glass candle holders – a friend gave them to me years ago and they are a go-do decorating fav.  I love the patina!  They are just enough crunchy and just enough diva.

pair mercury glass stemmed candle holders

That champagne bucket came from Pottery Barn years ago.  Many Coronas have lived in this bucket.  Not much Veuve Cliquot, but plenty of Corona.  That’s how we roll.

silver bucket baseball trophy elephant

It still needs something in it – not sure what.  First thought was dried hydrangeas, but that isn’t kicking in for me.  Maybe wheat grass?  I should try that…. something green and texture-y.

And I LOVE this thing, if I do say so myself (I’m quite clever…)

baseball trophy

It is my ode to Coach Jon Green.

My husband – Coach Jon Green to his players (never Jon, never Coach Green, always Coach Jon Green) – was involved in baseball in this town for about 13 years.  He LOVED the kids he coached.  Every one of them.  He found something great in all of them, and they all knew that he had faith in all of them.  A true gem.

This is a collection of game balls that he collected during his “career”.

Have you ever seen a little leaguer’s face when their coach asks them to sign the game ball for him?  Try it sometime.  It is priceless.  My husband is a great guy.

I think it all came together pretty well.  Slowly but surely!

room after antique armoire


Here’s the before:

view across room before armoire    and the after:   room after antique armoire

Sometimes it is just the little moves that make all the difference.

Much better.

xo, Maggie

PS:   If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted in the past week, I’ll let you in on a little secret:  I resigned from my job this week.  I have the BEST job – so much fun, so rewarding and the people I work with are truly fantastic.  But it took a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of night and weekend time away from home.   Between this job – as a museum education director – and my last job as an architect, I’ve spent more than 10 years pouring almost all of my energy in to my work.  Now I’m going to spend my energy on my family.

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  1. You got it , girl. Armoire did it.
    Would you try turning the coffee table to parallel the other sofa. It’s something about the windows that makes me think that change would be a good one. Just an idea. Hope to see more as the room progresses.
    And enjoy being home w/ your family. I just know they will be glad to have you there, once they get used to you being there..

  2. That armoire is gorgeous! It goes perfectly in that room!

    Actually the whole room is gorgeous! I love all the natural light!


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