Botanical junking: happy little weeds

We broke our lawn mower last fall.  Ran right over a big old rock and bent the blade. Lesson:  you can’t mow rocks.

But it being fall and all and thinking “well, its gonna snow soon anyway”, we dealt with it by promptly parking it in the back of the garage and ignoring it.

So of course come spring our lawn sprouts up overnight and when we go to grab the mower we’re like: “oh yea – we broke that last year. darn.”

We debated (for weeks) about whether we take it to the local fix-it shop (again) and pay big $$ or we go to Home Depot to get a new blade and try to fix it ourselves.

So here’s what the lawn did while we were thinking about how to fix the mower:

weedy front yard

See all of those little yellow and purple dots on the lawn?  Those are dandelions and creeping charlie.

Here’s what it looks like close up

dandelions and creeping charlie


And here’s what it looks like when Gibby photobombs me and looks all cute in the weeds:

gibby in the dandelions and creeping charlie


And then I thought – while I was down there on the ground with my nose inches away from a bee – that hey!  this sort of looks nice!

I mean – who decided that happy little yellow flowers were weeds?  They grow everywhere, have sweet little yellow faces and are the first mass-welcomers of spring!

The weeds in my lawn were sort of like the botanical sisters of the cast off furniture, metal junk and vintage stuff I am always on the lookout for.

One man’s weeds are another man’s garden?

Maybe so!




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