Ugly – really ugly – lamps

I have this odd thing for ugly lamps.  I truly cannot explain the attraction, but I get all daydream-y when I see a lamp (or OMG a pair of lamps!) that look like monstrous freaks of design.

Here’s a pair of lamps I came across several weeks ago at our local ReStore.

1970s ugly lamps

Now really.  Look at those.  The curves have potential, but the brass thingy running thru the center?  Ick.

They came with reee-diculously large lampshades –

pair of shabby cottage lamps with large shade

You know how tall that sucker is with the shade on it?  40 inches people!!  Why does one little lightbulb need to be swathed in 40 inches of wood an burlapy stuff?

The first time I saw them, I swooned, but left them behind.  I mean they were so big.  So offensive.  So darn ugly.

But I went back.  Twice.

On my third visit I snapped a pix with my phone and sent it to my friend Mary who was all like “you HAVE to have them.  Buy them.  Now”

Everyone needs a friend who understands your happy obsessions.

So I bought them for $15 each.

pair large wooden lamps 1960s

I think I will paint them a bright, sulphury yellow.

But what do I do with those oh-so-70s details??

ugly retro lamps key detail

Seriously.  That is a fake key thing.

What was this lamp designer thinking?  “Oh, let’s add the key thing so make it look…..”

Look like what?

Beyond me, truly.

And these shades – I don’t think I can use them again.   If I go all yellow on these lamps, I’ll have to push ahead and try to make them look funky and modern with some new shades.

Those lampshades do not say funky or modern.

They say tan clingy leisure suit.


gold rope detail burlap 1970s shade

My, my.

Tune in next week to see how these turn out!

1970s ugly lamps


  1. They look like creatures holding something up.

  2. Love them! I’m soo glad you decided to buy them. Exact right choice.

  3. I can hardly wait. These are too ugly to believe. But I know I’ll be surprised by the diva.

  4. Wanda Amorose says:

    They are truly cute. I can see why you had to have them!

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