A morning visit to the garden: fringed tulips

Its so nice to watch a new garden rise in the spring.  We did a lot of planting last year, and this spring we are reaping the benefits of our hard work.

Of course, there are always little oops moments that appear – this is too close to that, there is too much space here, that died.  Little details that make a gardener’s to-do list always full.

One little whoops was planting fringed pink tulips too close to an andromeda bush next to the front steps.   As the bush bloomed it literally covered the tulips completely!

To do #4,560:  move the tulips.

In the mean time, I clipped the blooms and plopped them into a vase with a few hosta leaves:

tulip and hosta arrangement


They seem very happy there on the kitchen window sill…

pint tulip variegated hosta leaves


fringed tulip detail


fringed pink tulip closeup


Maybe I’ll have to paint a piece of furniture in that soft pink – isn’t it perfect?

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