$79 dining room sideboard

As part of last fall’s renovation-that-wore-me-out, we turned our old kitchen screened porch into our new dining room.  Before it was done, I knew I wanted to have a sideboard for that space to hold all of our tablecloths, candles, etc.  I loved the look of this piece from Thrifty Decor Chick:

thrifty decor chick inspiration


The color, the legs, the elegance-without-fussiness – it was perfect.

So with that image in mind I took off the the local consignment stores.  It didn’t take me long to find this:

dining room sideboard crunchydiva.com


The barf-pukey green color is hideous in this photo – I took it with my Droid under florescent lights.  Barf.

And here was the price tag – and the date was right for the markdown price!!

price tag


Boom-a-roon-ga.  $79.20 and it was all mine!

So home it came and I had a little nook framed out at one end of the dining room JUST for it!

I love the way it looks with the farm table an wood plank ceiling…

dresser turned dining room sideboard wood plank ceiling farm table crunchydiva.com


dresser turned dining room buffet wood plank ceiling farm table crunchydiva.com


And the top is so pretty –

dining room sideboard top detail crunchydiva.com


I thought for a hot minute that I would paint it black to match the chairs, because when it was all by itself it looked a little too Brady Bunch to me.

But I changed my mind…

light wood dining room sideboard 70s arrow veneer finish crunchydiva.com


And I’m so glad I did!

dining room sideboard buffet medium wood 1970s retro crunchydiva.com


Best $79 bucks I’ve ever spent!




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  1. Just found you via Cozy Little House. This piece is amazing. I can’t believe you got it for $79. I want to go shopping with you!

  2. What a perfect fit!!!!!

  3. GREAT score! It looks so perfect there! It’s my first time visiting your blog (from FJI) and I love your floors and table too. Now I’m off to check out some more posts. 🙂 ~Rachel @ The Olde Farmhouse {on Windmill Hill}

  4. Love this!! There’s a new LINK-UP Party going on at thet2women.com and we would love to feature your post!! Here’s the link: http://thet2women.com/welcome-to-one-sharendipity-place-link-up-2/

  5. Maggie! I am SO VERY JEALOUS that you found such a fabulous piece of furniture at such a great price! Congratulations to you! You are a very good shopper. I saw your post over at Coastal Charm blog party.

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