How NOT to paint a basket

I found this cute little basket at the dump the other day and brought it home….

wicker basket


It was nice and sturdy and had strong handles…

natural woven basket


So I thought I could load it up with mail in my hall…

mail basket


And here it lived for a week or so until I decided that I just HAD to paint it…

hollywood regency entry table


Silly me…

antiqued basket


This mess is called “a study in blue and white chalk paint”…

white and blue chalk painted basket


I successfully created a hot mess out of a perfectly good basket.

Lesson:  don’t use chalk paint on things that have lots of grooves and texture.

So, you ask, what DO you use when you want to paint a groovy, texturey thing quickly?

Spray paint!


basket of white azalea blooms


Much better….

patio chair and basket of azaleas


Because I was so mean to it with the chalk paint, I am giving it the week off from mail-holding duties in favor of a sunny spot on the patio.



  1. LOL – you are hilarious.

    I did same thing a couple years ago, and when cleaning up my basement/craft room I came across it and just threw it away.

    Maybe I could have salvaged it – now I feel bad, but oh well it was so bumpy and weird looking, grrr, hated it when it was this gorgeous metal and rattan beauty. Wish I would have never even tried, but oh well- live and learn, right?

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