End of a chapter….

I haven’t posted this week because I’m going through a big change:  today is my last day at my job.

And I don’t have another one.

Yep – I’m laying low for a while.

My job was great – I mean look at what I got to see everyday…



I mean seriously.  I WORKED there.

It is a beautiful museum perched at the edge of the world – with four museum buildings and 210 acres of the most beautiful land you’ve ever seen…



But there is a time for all good things to end.

I need to spend more time with my family.   When I jumped back into the working world my kids looked like this…



And now they look like this….



That tall handsome guy is actually my youngest….  My oldest is even bigger…



Maybe I’m going thru a re-nesting stage because my oldest is going to be a high school senior next year?


I’m sad to leave the wonderful people I work with.  And I’ll miss being involved in such a great organization.   But when it was time to go, I just knew it was the right decision.

I have no idea what is next, but that’s OK.

I’m ready for anything.

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  1. The world is your oyster!

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