Garden after the rain

It seems that it has rained here for 40 days and 40 nights.  Every time I wake up – boom! – more rain!  The garden loves it, but the new blooms aren’t too fond of pounding rain.  Just as they open their little flower faces, the rain either pelts their little petals off or bends them low until they are lying in the mud.

Weather forecast says MORE rain and as I type this, I can feel the breeze is tipped with a cool undertone, and the sky is gathering that sort of dark that makes everything look oddly green.

This afternoon I snipped and gathered what I could and tucked them into vases.  Then I decided to play with my camera and practice a few Photoshop techniques.  Total Fail! Most of the photos turned out so terribly overexposed that I might blind you if I posted them!  Here’s what I could salvage….

Peonies and lady’s mantle blooms

lady's mantle and peonies

I set them in a nice classical vase and put it on the table in my mudroom.

overexposed flowers

Remember the Virginia Table?  I tried to sell it but didn’t get any bites, so it lives in my mudroom now!

The dogwood seems to be completely unfazed by all of the rain – in fact it is a banner year for it!  I clipped a bit of it and added some Japanese maple behind it.

flowers against brick wall

The dogwood is at its peak now – not even a tiny little brown or yellow spot on its petals!

white dogwood and japanese maple

Some more Lady’s Mantle in this super cool little vase I bought thrifting the other day.   It is sort of a faux bois design, but painted over a smooth, heavy pottery base.

faux bois vase and lady's mantle

A few of the Japanese maple leaves added a bit of drama to otherwise sort of ordinary yellow lillies.   (Here’s one of those Photoshop Flop moments – I don’t know what I did to this picture to make it look so fuzzy, but I couldn’t un-do it and so here it is….)

ironstone vase lillies

That little bouquet ended up next to the sink in the pantry.

yellow lillies

I had a few lillies left over and tucked them into this bud vase…

…but they looked lonely against that big, white wall.

yellow lillies in bud vase

So I added a little robin to keep them company…

lillies and robin painting

I think it was a good pairing!

robin painting lillies

It is nice to be posting again here at Crunchy Diva.  A lot has changed for me over the past few weeks – all good! – but life is very different now.  More on that later, but let it suffice that despite the rain, things are looking sunny for me!




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