The table that knew more than I did

One day I was in our local consignment store and this console hall table called my name:

french console table construction detail joinery


I tried to ignore it.

It was orange with a marble top and gold do–dads all over it.

Not me at all.

But it kept calling to me – and I kept trying to walk away from it.  I tried to seek out some Shaker style things, some patina-ed metal – something that was more “me” but it was no use.

This table chose me as its new owner and that was all there was to it.

So much to my surprise (and my family’s absolute drop-jawed huh?!) I brought it home.

A local antique restorer friend of mine told me that it was a very high quality piece and pointed out its well-constructed joints and maker’s mark:





I didn’t know that furniture maker’s branded their pieces, but apparently that was a common thing.  We couldn’t read this mark so its maker is a mystery to me.

The golden doo-dad details are called ormolu and it is a distinctive element of Louis 15th and 16th style French furniture:

french ormulu table foot detail


You can see that they’re made of metal and screwed right into the piece itself.

According to my friend the orange – red lacquer was added later  – – it is an amazingly smooth finish and the gold trim detail is pretty cool.   I would NEVER have the patience to paint furniture this well!

I’m not sure that this is really a Louis XV or XVI piece or if it is really old at all.  It may just be a 20th Century reproduction, but it doesn’t really matter.

It found a perfect home in my new entry hall and I think it looks great there.

louis xv table


Just the right pop of color and elegant enough to fit in with old wooden floorboards and wicker baskets.

Funny how the table knew where it belonged before I did!


  1. Wow! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love it! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. I love it & you too….

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