Christmas too soon? Tell it to the cactus


Today this little Christmas cactus reminded me that the holidays are almost upon us…

christmas cactus bloom large crunchy diva

Hey, little Christmas cactus – you are like weeks and weeks early.  What’s up with that?

You’re like a bad pre-holiday sale at Macy’s – rushing me toward a wonderful thing that I’m not quite yet prepared for.

pink christmas cactus backlit with sun crunchy diva

People, this plant looked practically dead from March until now – only when the glam of summer wanes does it fall open and show its stuff!   The gentle autumn sun gives just enough power to draw this little plant out of its slumber.

pink christmas cactus backlit crunchy diva

Ok, ok.  Summer is gone.  I get it.

I always think I’ll miss summer so much when it is slipping away.

But little moments like this remind me that beautiful things can still grow in the dark days of winter.

christmas cactus bloom closeup crunchy diva

That, and that I need to plan my Thanksgiving menu, because the holidays are almost upon us.



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