Milk or Junk?

Have you ever gone out for a gallon of milk and found yourself at a thrift store?  This happens to me all the time.

My house is decorated with so many thrifted and yard-saled (and just plain dump-picked) things.  Sometimes I play a game with myself and inventory all of the the things I’ve actually bought NEW and the things I’ve “rescued” from their destiny with a dumpster or dusty junk shop shelf.  The rescue stuff FAR outnumbers the showroom stuff.

I certainly don’t keep everything I buy.  Often it goes on eBay, Etsy or craigslist – or sometimes I swap for other stuff or just give it away.

Here’s a few highlights from recent trips to buy milk …

red flower watercolor large

I was in Utica visiting my cousin and found this lovely original watercolor painting stuffed behind a bookshelf.

red flower watercolor small

A great score for $5

glass and ceramic vases

This collection of vases all came from the Salvation Army.  They have a great 75% off bric-brac promotion going on recently.  The amber vase was 99 cents, the green was $3 and the ceramic was $2.  I practically danced to the checkout.

birch bark vases

Look at these things.  LOOK!  Real birch bark wrapped around tall glass vases.  This is the kind of thing I THINK I will make some day, but never do.   I saw these on the shelf and literally did a double take.  I put them in my carriage and put a sweater over them lest some carriage picker swiped them while I wasn’t looking.  (Carriage pickers don’t really exist, but I felt so protective of these things I immediately got paranoid and had to hide them).  Marked $3.99 each and then they were 75% off – so what’s that?  Like a $1, right?      ( I’ll be right back – I have to go hug them.)

I’m back.

vintage 1970s plastic desk lamp

I have this odd attraction to lamps.  I should do a post just on all of the lamps I’ve rescued.  This one reminded me of the Pixar lamp so I scooped it up.  Too cute.  I won’t keep it, though – this will likely go right to the Etsy shop.

jewelry box

Its ugly, I know.  But I have so much jewelry that the overflow has taken up residence in my sock drawer and my socks aren’t happy.   I did see someone re-do an ugly jewelry box on a blog recently, so I plan to overhaul this one.

vintage jewelry box open

I’m thinking a deep gray color to complement the red interior.  $2 is a fine price to pay to make my socks happy again.

And now, I’ve saved the best for last.  Look at her:

oil portrait woman 1950s mcm

She was leaning up against a stair rail along with framed images of unicorns and geese.  Scandal!  She did NOT belong there.   I had to bring her home.   And at $4.99 with 75% off for a professionally framed ORIGINAL oil painting it was a no-brainer.

detail 1950s woman oil painting

I imagine that she was some sort of professional – maybe a professor?   By the look of her clothes and hairstyle I’m going to guess it was painted in the 1950s or 1960s.

The label on the back tells me that it was once part of an art show…

oil painting label

Her name was Mildred Page.

oil portrait woman 1950s mcm

Isn’t she the best?

I’m glad my kids like to drink milk so much.


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