Spring is here – so let us go forth and buy junk

One of the things I love most about spring is picking through the wreckage of last year’s garden to find the mighty daffodils poking up through the last bits of stubborn snow.  Is is a time of refreshing re-discovery, a season of small but delightful gifts.

It is also the season for spring cleaning.  Deep within each of us is a base desire to air out, throw out and lighten the load at this time of year.  I, too, take part in the lightening of this load, but for me the desire is less to lessen what I have, but to make space for more stuff.

Which for me means thrifting and loading up on the lovely cast-offs of my fellow spring-loving lovebugs.

Here is a recent $1 find – I don’t need it, I don’t want it, but I felt the need to buy it and put it on eBay so that some other vintage clothing fetishist could have it.

vintage handbag 1

The leather is in perfect shape.

vintage handbag with lucite handle

and the handles are cleverly designed to snap the bag closed –  I love that some designer dreamed up that little detail:

vintage lucite

it is big inside, too

1950s handbag bakelite lucite handle

What you can’t see is the lightly ribbed silky interior – in PERFECT condition!  Some Jackie Kennedy type bought this and just left it sitting in her closet.  It looks like it was never used!

But what really got me was the amber lucite handle…

amber lucite handle

What a find!  It makes me so happy to find this stuff.  And to put it on eBay.  Because goodness knows I don’t need it and would never use it.  I just like finding it and passing it along.

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately.  I mean like “is this over? is she dead? what happened?” My last post was in November, so I guess this doesn’t even qualify as a blog anymore!  But funny thing – I’m always encouraged to see that my traffic is really high (like, really high by my standards – a few hundred views each day) even though I don’t update often (or at all).  Where do you people find me?

Nevermind – I’m glad you come.  I like to think that there is an audience for my chatty dribbles and that I’m not just yammering away to myself.

I think that for the next little while I will post my thrifty finds, design delights and garden escapades – it is what keeps me entertained these days.

Hope to see you again soon!


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  1. that’s a great find, and i looove the handles!

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