History from the metal pile

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that our local dump has a great metal pile.  Here’s a treasure I picked out about 10 years ago and just rediscovered in my garage:

cream crock sign

This great old painted metal sign is from the old Cream Crock, which I think was an ice creamery here in Harvard.  I’m pretty sure they’re still in business in a nearby town.

By the time I got to town, all that was left was an old barn.  About ten years ago, the barn was sold and a very creative architect turned it into a beautiful home.  Here’s a look at it now – the image comes from a great story about the building at Boston.com.

cream crock barn


I love the idea of decorating with signs, and was so delighted to pull this one out of the mess in the corner of the garage.

A little worse for wear, but it fit a blank wall in my new pantry perfectly.

cream crock sign 1

And Onions the Cat likes it there, too

cream crock sign with onions the cat

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