Metal salvage treasures

Here’s a quick round up of the lovely little artsy bits I found at the dump in the past month.  Truly my town dump reminds me of Brimfield on a good day.

metal salvage angel wings

And old green industrial light was folded in half at some point and rusted clear through.  Now it looks like angel wings to me!

metal wood wire salvage thing

My preciousssss.  Would you look at that.  Someone stapled green, old fashioned wire garden fencing to a few 2x4s.  Who knows why – there aren’t any gate hinges or anything on it.  Haven’t a clue what it was for.  Now it is art and will hang in my dining room.  Pictures to come!

detail metal wood wire slavage thing

I can’t resist showing detail of this one. Look how the delicate wire contrasts with the heavy wood.  The green, the weathered patina.  (OK – someone threw this away – I get it; its trash.  But still I’m smitten)

red rusty gravely fender with headlight

Huh?  What the heck?  I grabbed this for its great red patina and silly, cartoon-like headlight.  Turns out it is a fender from an antique Gravely.

Completely useless to me, so I offered it to my cousin who is an assemblage artist.  Let’s see if she bites.

rusty bedsprings

How much fun can you have with a few bedsprings?  (OK – mind out of the gutter.  Focus!)  They look like the old 1970s “Keep on Truckin'” guy to me.   …    …  right?  the 70s?  anyone around then?  (crickets…)  darn.

vintage 1930s bathroom cabinet

And this little lovely is exactly what I need over the toilet in my mudroom bathroom.

I was going to put this big old puppy up there, but it just didn’t fit:

old hoosier cabinet top

Looks better in person, believe me.  Now its going on to the Boston and Central Mass craiglists because I actually PAID something for this so I’m trying to recoup my pathetic investment.

Finally this old pair of red skis were just begging to avoid the dumpster.  I grabbed them for ANOTHER cousin who took a similar pair off my hands last year.  She has a great sense of style and this should fit just right with her aesthetic.

red nordic skis


By the way, THAT cousin happens to be a silver jewelry artist.  Check out her super cool stuff here: 

That’s all the news that’s fit to print today, folks.

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