Pair of mid century artichoke lamps

Note from the management:  Last post on this blog?  Last May.  LAST. MAY.  I was so into it for a while and then it all faded away.  I think I was trying too hard.  Link parties, photo watermarks, long afternoons of Photoshopping, blah, blah.  Took too much time.  It stopped being fun, and felt like an obligation so I gave it up.

But I would still think – this would be fun to post, this would be fun to share, and then be like – oh yeah, I’m not doing that anymore.  

And then the hosting company emailed me and said I needed to renew my service or they were going to yank my site.  Oopsie.  The moment of truth.  I gave it some thought and decided to re-up and try again but not try so hard – just post plain and simple and then mic-drop back to my life. So here we go again – let’s see if this sticks.


I love pairs of lamps.   Something about the twinsie-ness of them that just seems to sweet!

I found this pair at a thrift shop a while ago and at first I was like “eew – burlap shades” and “ick – brown bases”.

burlap lampshade

Then I was like – hmmm, they look like artichokes.  I like artichokes.

But still they were sort of baby-poop brown and that burlap.  I knew the light through those shades would be so 1970s, dark-room yellow.

And then I looked a little closer – what did I see? Is that TURQUOISE I SEE???  Is that a little chip that is showing me that these things were not actually BORN brown?


Now, in addition to having a thing for pairs of lamps, I also have a thing for turquoise lamps.

artichoke lamp close up midcentury

Blasphemy.  I needed to rescue them.

So now they’re mine, but I’m scared to strip them down. What if I wreck the turquoise, too?  What would you do?

In the mean time, they are in my basement (finished basement:  aka Teenage Wasteland for my 17- and 19 year olds), throwing weird 1970s, dark-room yellow light.

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  1. mjhooper2013 says:

    What did you do with the lamps????

    • Maggie Green says:

      Well, they’re still kicking around in my basement. I’m thinking that I might etsy or chairish them this summer.

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