Growing meyer lemons

I’ve tried and tried to grow Meyer lemons for years.  I pruned, spritzed, fed and even polished dull leaves – but never got a response.  I had the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of lemon trees:  a few spindly sticks with a couple of apathetic leaves.

I left the plant out on my patio all summer and ignored it.  If it wanted to be a stick, let it be a stick.

Then, I brought it into the house for the winter and that little stick-tree had about a dozen leaves on it and – SIX LEMONS!

They’re ugly little things but just about the MOST flavorful lemons I’ve ever tasted.  Store bought lemons taste terrible to me now.

meyer lemons

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to stop fussing over it and let it work itself out!

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