Frolicking donkeys and sherbert sheets: a thrifty round-up

Well I’ve been having fun junk hunting lately.  Here’s a quick blah blah of what I’ve found over the past few months.  I don’t keep any of it – I’m just the middle man between one man’s trash and one man’s treasure.  (…but I’m a woman, so there’s that. we can discuss man-phrasing later if you want)  I started selling again on etsy and eBay and have been consigning a bunch of MCM stuff to my local auction house.  Helps take the sting out of paying tuition for two kids in college.  And by taking the sting out I mean like putting a band-aid on a broken leg, but whatevs.  It makes me feel like I’m doing something.  


I actually snagged this MCM dinette set in the last hour of an estate sale.  Paid $20 for it and sold it at Skinner auctions for a wicked profit.

frye boots

Perfectly worn-in vintage Frye campus boots.  Went on etsy in like two days.

vintage nursery fabric

How can you resist a frolicking donkey?  Sweet vintage nursery fabric sold to a lucky eBayer.

vintage 70s sheets

Funny what you learn about yourself when cruising the thrift store aisles.  I’ve discovered I have a fetish for vintage linens.  I call these flower power sherbert sheets.  Thank you Savers!

vintage brooks brothers sweater

So apparently vintage Brooks Brothers is a thing now.  This tennis sweater flew off eBay two days after I listed it.  Savers.  Again.

vintage velvet painting

So here’s a lesson:  what you think will sell won’t.  I figured if someone scarfed up donkey fabric then this velvet bird painting would sell right away.  But no.  Still sitting in my etsy shop.  What the what, people? 


Really, now.  All I can think of when I see these is “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I have an assignment for you:   find a way to binge old episodes of The Brady Bunch.  That’s your primer on mid-century modern interior design and fashion.   If you can get through that then you can watch Mad Men.

mom and puppy collie statue

Super cute mom and pup collie figurine.  Again – what you think will sell won’t.  Still sitting on etsy.  Oh, well.

So it has been fun gathering up these little bits of others’ cast-offs and passing them onto their new owners.  The most surprising thing I’ve discovered?  (I can barely bring myself to say this).  The 80s and 90s are considered vintage.  Well blooooow me down!  (if you know which cartoon character says that then you and I are automatic friends)  

My 19 year old said “vintage 80s” to me and I spit out my coffee.  Vintage 80s.  How can that be?  Wasn’t I just a Madonna wannabe like only a few years ago?  Where did these adult children of mine come from?  What happened?!?  I need to go lie down and watch a John Hughes movie. 

Next post on tap:  “I found this at the dump, haters gonna hate”.   Have a great weekend!  Go find yourself some yard sales.  And don’t forget to watch the Brady Bunch.  

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  1. AmandaMiranda says:

    Oh. Oh yes! Those SHEETS. I LOVE THEM. My heart skipped a beat.

    You. Me. We have the same eye.

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