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Hi – I’m Maggie and I created Crunchy Diva to share my creative adventures with anyone who is willing to listen! I’m a design junkie, treasure hunter and sucker for all things restored, reclaimed and re-purposed.  

Here’s some other random stuff you do (or don’t!) need to know about me:

• I have a master’s degree in architecture but have had many careers in my time:  IT network designer and all-around computer techie, web site designer, house designer, history museum manager, history museum education director and now manager of my husband’s financial practice.   That’s a mess, I know.

• I love my dog, Gibby, way too much. He’s a beagle/daschund mix and all he has to do is look at me the right way and boom! he gets a cookie.

• I once worked with one of Richard Nixon’s Watergate lawyers as a writing assistant while he worked on a book about Ogden Nash.

• I am a really good architect, but my drawing skills are – sniff – not so great.

• I love animals.  At one time we had three goats, 15 chickens, two geckos, a guinea pig, two dogs, four cats and a turtle.  

• Midcentury architecture makes me weak in the knees. Richard Neutra is my favorite architect.

• I am such a paint color junkie that one of my friends gave me a Benjamin Moore paint fan for my birthday.

• I have only seven pieces of furniture in my house that I bought new. Everything else is a hand-me-down, a yard sale find or a craigslist score.

• I love lemon more than chocolate.

• My favorite quote is by Walt Whitman: “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes”  Lets me forgive myself for being scattered.

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  1. Brittany Gonzales says:

    I would like to buy your purple night stand how do I do that ?

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