Family Heirloom gets a makeover

About two years ago – just as we were finishing up our big renovation – I got a call from my father-in-law: Him: “Moo (he calls me Moo) do you want that big thing that was in the dining room in the old house?” Me:  (thinking – big thing big thing what’s the big thing) […]

This is NOT going well

I am so disappointed. I had such high hopes for this project, but it is just turning out badly, badly, badly. Why is it so hard to paint these lamps?  I mean, I’ve painted lamps before – and it turned out pretty well.  And it took me practically no time at all. But this project […]

How NOT to paint a basket

I found this cute little basket at the dump the other day and brought it home….   It was nice and sturdy and had strong handles…   So I thought I could load it up with mail in my hall…   And here it lived for a week or so until I decided that I […]

French country nightstand transformation

I scored this sweet little nightstand (and its partner three drawer chest) for a song.  I’ve wanted to do a transformation on a French provincial piece for a while, and was delighted when I found these pieces. They sat in the garage all winter, but this spring set up my fancy-shamnsy sawhorse-and-plywood workbench in the […]

Victorian demi lune table transformation

Our very first apartment was a third floor walk-up in an old Victorian house in New Jersey.  It was owned by a woman named Virginia – she was great.  Everytime I see the comic strip Maxine I think of her.  A funny old bird, who loved the fact that she was a funny old bird! […]

Rusty nail collage

A  few months ago we were working on our new great room and decided to have salvaged beams installed to add some architectural interest.  You can read about those beams here. Here is what the beams looked like when they arrived. They were filled with nails – some new, some old – and we had […]

Quick fix frame update

A while back I picked up a beautiful watercolor of calla lilies painted by a local painter active in the mid-20th century named Agnes Abbot. I loved how simple it is – and brown green, white and yellow all look fabulous here. But the frame was very outdated.  Obviously a mid-70s job.  Ick. I didn’t […]

How to tea stain a fabric lampshade

I bought a sweet yellow ginger jar lamp the other day…   I loved the color and the base has a beautiful carved wooden detail…   It didn’t come with a lampshade, but I was pretty sure I’d find out at home in my lamp hoarding room studio closet. I didn’t come up with anything […]

Time for something new

Merry Christmas Eve, all.  How does December fly by so quickly?  It seems like half a second ago it was Thanksgiving!    Luckily for me, I took a few days off from work last week and – for the first time EVER – finished my shopping AND wrapped all of my presents before Christmas Eve! […]

Welcome to the Crunchy Beauty Parlor

A few weeks ago I posted about my two lamp painting projects.  I was pretty happy with the way the turquoise table lamp turned out: The brass chandelier was a little more challenging – I mean it took a full ELEVEN minutes to prime it. Sheesh.  Who has time for that? OK, ok.  I didn’t […]

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