Spring blossoms at 10 below

Who cares about winter’s biting cold?  Its spring here in my kitchen.

Growing meyer lemons

I’ve tried and tried to grow Meyer lemons for years.  I pruned, spritzed, fed and even polished dull leaves – but never got a response.  I had the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of lemon trees:  a few spindly sticks with a couple of apathetic leaves. I left the plant out on my patio all summer […]

Christmas too soon? Tell it to the cactus

  Today this little Christmas cactus reminded me that the holidays are almost upon us… Hey, little Christmas cactus – you are like weeks and weeks early.  What’s up with that? You’re like a bad pre-holiday sale at Macy’s – rushing me toward a wonderful thing that I’m not quite yet prepared for. People, this […]

Garden after the rain

It seems that it has rained here for 40 days and 40 nights.  Every time I wake up – boom! – more rain!  The garden loves it, but the new blooms aren’t too fond of pounding rain.  Just as they open their little flower faces, the rain either pelts their little petals off or bends […]

A morning visit to the garden: fringed tulips

Its so nice to watch a new garden rise in the spring.  We did a lot of planting last year, and this spring we are reaping the benefits of our hard work. Of course, there are always little oops moments that appear – this is too close to that, there is too much space here, […]

Botanical junking: happy little weeds

We broke our lawn mower last fall.  Ran right over a big old rock and bent the blade. Lesson:  you can’t mow rocks. But it being fall and all and thinking “well, its gonna snow soon anyway”, we dealt with it by promptly parking it in the back of the garage and ignoring it. So […]

Garden gifts

One of the best things about being a gardener is that you are never at a loss for quick gift ideas. I had to rush off to a dear friend’s birthday celebration last night after a LONG day at work and boom! out to the garden I went to scare up a bouquet for her. […]

Wild Daffodil

I was out in the woods this morning with the dogs and came across the neatest thing:   Can you see it? Look a little closer….   There it is!  Growing all by itself, as happy as can be – how on Earth did that little guy get way out into the woods?   But […]

Houseplant Thrifting

We’re socked in with over two feet of snow here in Massachusetts.    I am on my second day of being sick as a dog, so I got out of shoveling duty today – my super hubs and sons took care of that without a lick of complaint (love them!) So while they were outside […]

Winter Light

The holiday season is solidly behind us now – the flurry of 2012 wrap-ups and 2013 resolution posts in the blogosphere confirms that! I’ve taken down just about everything Christmas-y in my house…except for the lights.  I love the candles in my windows, and the little lighted village in my hallway. They are little beacons […]

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