Spring blossoms at 10 below

Who cares about winter’s biting cold?  Its spring here in my kitchen.

Growing meyer lemons

I’ve tried and tried to grow Meyer lemons for years.  I pruned, spritzed, fed and even polished dull leaves – but never got a response.  I had the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of lemon trees:  a few spindly sticks with a couple of apathetic leaves. I left the plant out on my patio all summer […]

Garden after the rain

It seems that it has rained here for 40 days and 40 nights.  Every time I wake up – boom! – more rain!  The garden loves it, but the new blooms aren’t too fond of pounding rain.  Just as they open their little flower faces, the rain either pelts their little petals off or bends […]

End of a chapter….

I haven’t posted this week because I’m going through a big change:  today is my last day at my job. And I don’t have another one. Yep – I’m laying low for a while. My job was great – I mean look at what I got to see everyday…   I mean seriously.  I WORKED […]

The Dedicated House feature!

Who doesn’t love to spend internet eons looking at great before and after projects?  I know I do.  Sometimes I eat only rice cakes all day because I can’t tear myself away from the dramatic reveals of nightstands, foyers and picket fences by blogosphere artists. One of my favorite before and after features is Kathryn’s […]

Blizzard Ready!

  Finally – winter is here!  We’ve had such little snow this winter and last that I am happy for our snow day today. But do I really want 30″ of fall by tomorrow? No. Especially since we just remembered that we need a cotter pin for our snow blower to work and the shop […]

New year, new crunchy look

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope your holidays were relaxing (ha! like who can relax at the holidays?? tell me, please!) and that you have found a sense of renewal and calm in this new year. I’ve been busy over the past few weeks working with Kristi over at Linauer Designs to give the Crunchy Diva blog […]

Welcome to Ikea

What a busy time of year – do you think Ikea is planning a lot of visitors?  This image was snapped as I rode down the escalator – and this was just the tip of the iceburg!  There must have been 1000 carriages just waiting for people to fill the aisles.   7 days left, […]

Wide Awake On the Porch

    So proud to say that I am the featured guest blogger today at Between Naps on the Porch!  Click on the logo to head over to Susan’s wonderful site.  But beware:  you will spend most of your day there – her blog is FILLED with tons of delicious, informative and delightfully written posts […]

Happily Haunted Houses

There is one thing you should know about me:  I think all buildings are haunted. Not the “eek! OMG! RUNNN!!” sort of haunted, but a softer, more friendly sort of “I am not the only one who’s slept here, dreamed here, gazed out these windows” kind of way. I don’t imagine that there are semi-transparent […]

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