Frolicking donkeys and sherbert sheets: a thrifty round-up

Well I’ve been having fun junk hunting lately.  Here’s a quick blah blah of what I’ve found over the past few months.  I don’t keep any of it – I’m just the middle man between one man’s trash and one man’s treasure.  (…but I’m a woman, so there’s that. we can discuss man-phrasing later if […]

Secrets of summer treasure hunting in New England

You loved that vintage vase when you bought it years ago, but now it doesn’t quite light up the room the way it used to and may be time to move on. Don’t get down on yourself.  Sometimes love isn’t meant to last.  Lucky for you, it is vintage-stuff-getting season (and it is ALWAYS vintage-selling-stuff season).  […]

Spring is here – so let us go forth and buy junk

One of the things I love most about spring is picking through the wreckage of last year’s garden to find the mighty daffodils poking up through the last bits of stubborn snow.  Is is a time of refreshing re-discovery, a season of small but delightful gifts. It is also the season for spring cleaning.  Deep […]

Milk or Junk?

Have you ever gone out for a gallon of milk and found yourself at a thrift store?  This happens to me all the time. My house is decorated with so many thrifted and yard-saled (and just plain dump-picked) things.  Sometimes I play a game with myself and inventory all of the the things I’ve actually […]

Let there be light

It is a bright beautiful day here in Massachusetts!  I can’t think of a better way to spend my time on such a gorgeous day than indoors in dusty warehouses among a bunch of other people’s cast off stuff! Yep – it’s a thrifty day and boy am I glad I headed out to scoop […]

Amateur Art

There is something just so sweet about amateur art – I love the humble canvas (in this case a little block of wood), the exaggerated detail of the eye and the very proud signature at the bottom.  I’ve had this little guy for about 20 years – I remember buying him at a yard sale […]

Modern Cents

About a month ago I hit a local thrift shop just to see if I could find some treasure.  I wandered around for a while and came across an awesome Drexel dresser from the 1970s.  It was only $40, but it was missing a drawer pull that was pretty unique and likely couldn’t be matched, […]

More gold stuff? What is happening to me??

Where is all this gold stuff coming from?  I usually lean toward silver stuff (that’s the Crunchy part of me) but in the past few weeks I’ve been picking up little treasures that are (gasp!) GOLD!  Maybe the Diva in me is starting to come out.  Could it be the change to fall has me […]

Score! Summer yard sale finds

I love to go to yard sales. The thrill of finding some hidden treasure gets my so psyched! I even have an app on my phone called “yard sale treasure map” (or something like that) that tells me what sales are in my area and NAVIGATES me to them! What could be more dreamy than […]

Civilized Dumpster Diving

I’ve blogged before about the delightful phenomenon of the New England dump – oops, excuse me – transfer station.    Our little town has two wonderful sections of the dump that I have to introduce to you in capital letters because they are really that special:  The Metal Pile and The Take It Or Leave It So […]

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