Secrets of summer treasure hunting in New England

You loved that vintage vase when you bought it years ago, but now it doesn’t quite light up the room the way it used to and may be time to move on. Don’t get down on yourself.  Sometimes love isn’t meant to last.  Lucky for you, it is vintage-stuff-getting season (and it is ALWAYS vintage-selling-stuff season).  […]

How to made a shadowbox display

Last week I shared my rusty nail shadowbox project.   Today I’ll show you how I made them – they were SO simple and quick to do, with a very satisfying result.  What could be better?   What you’ll need: Nails (or something else you want to collage) Shadow Box Frames Cardboard ( I used […]

Quick fix frame update

A while back I picked up a beautiful watercolor of calla lilies painted by a local painter active in the mid-20th century named Agnes Abbot. I loved how simple it is – and brown green, white and yellow all look fabulous here. But the frame was very outdated.  Obviously a mid-70s job.  Ick. I didn’t […]

How to tea stain a fabric lampshade

I bought a sweet yellow ginger jar lamp the other day…   I loved the color and the base has a beautiful carved wooden detail…   It didn’t come with a lampshade, but I was pretty sure I’d find out at home in my lamp hoarding room studio closet. I didn’t come up with anything […]

Easy Painting Tip

Here’s a quick and easy tip to help keep your favorite paint handy for touch-ups without the hassle of having to haul out the paint can! Save the plastic top from a shaker cheese container and screw it onto an empty mason jar::   Fill the jar with your favorite paint.   I use a […]

Welcome to the Crunchy Beauty Parlor

A few weeks ago I posted about my two lamp painting projects.  I was pretty happy with the way the turquoise table lamp turned out: The brass chandelier was a little more challenging – I mean it took a full ELEVEN minutes to prime it. Sheesh.  Who has time for that? OK, ok.  I didn’t […]

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