History from the metal pile

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that our local dump has a great metal pile.  Here’s a treasure I picked out about 10 years ago and just rediscovered in my garage: This great old painted metal sign is from the old Cream Crock, which I think was an ice creamery here […]

An amazing story of antique wisteria and garden karma

When I was a very young girl growing up in suburban New Jersey, my mother would sometimes take me to a place called the Van Vleck estate in Montclair.  It was a huge and mysterious place – its perimeter was surrounded by mounds of rhododendrens that were tucked behind tall, black metal gates. Beyond the […]

Rusty nail collage

A  few months ago we were working on our new great room and decided to have salvaged beams installed to add some architectural interest.  You can read about those beams here. Here is what the beams looked like when they arrived. They were filled with nails – some new, some old – and we had […]

Sneak peek into tomorrow’s post…

  These nails came out of the antique beams we installed into our new great room.   They are all over 100 years old and have the greatest shapes and patina.  I couldn’t throw them away, so I came up with a fun project that I will show tomorrow.  What would you do with them?

How to tea stain a fabric lampshade

I bought a sweet yellow ginger jar lamp the other day…   I loved the color and the base has a beautiful carved wooden detail…   It didn’t come with a lampshade, but I was pretty sure I’d find out at home in my lamp hoarding room studio closet. I didn’t come up with anything […]

Top Crunchy Four of 2012

I’ve seen a bunch of round-up posts over the past few days and I have to say it is so fun to see the “best of” everyone’s year!  I’ve been blogging for only four months, so rather than posting a top 10 or top 12, I’m sticking with a top four – one for each […]

Time for something new

Merry Christmas Eve, all.  How does December fly by so quickly?  It seems like half a second ago it was Thanksgiving!    Luckily for me, I took a few days off from work last week and – for the first time EVER – finished my shopping AND wrapped all of my presents before Christmas Eve! […]

Welcome to Ikea

What a busy time of year – do you think Ikea is planning a lot of visitors?  This image was snapped as I rode down the escalator – and this was just the tip of the iceburg!  There must have been 1000 carriages just waiting for people to fill the aisles.   7 days left, […]

How to Feed a Cat

We have three cats and two dogs here at home, and I think we suffer from the same time-worn problem that many have when they try to mix cats and dogs together:  they eat each other’s food.  At our house, it is Annie The Puppy from Puppy Hell that eats everyone else’s food.  Heck, she […]

Dramatic Dining…

We’ve been working way this fall on finishing a big home renovation project that has been underway since 2007. Yep.  2007. It has been a long haul.  We have changed a LOT of stuff – converted a garage into a great room, changed a dining room into a mudroom, created a new staircase, yadda, yadda, […]

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