Family Heirloom gets a makeover

About two years ago – just as we were finishing up our big renovation – I got a call from my father-in-law: Him: “Moo (he calls me Moo) do you want that big thing that was in the dining room in the old house?” Me:  (thinking – big thing big thing what’s the big thing) […]

The fabulous, terrific table assembled from parts found at the dump!

That’s right – the dump. Our town dump (the “transfer station” for those who are more politically correct) – has two great areas: one is the metal pile where people get rid of old file cabinets, broken fans and tire rims, and the other is the Take It or Leave It table, where you can […]

Staircase renewal

So have I told you why I bought this house? It was the land – a beautiful patch of 3ish acres in a wicked private setting with tons and tons of gardens. Bliss! But the house – eh. It was cute, but there were problems with it. The previous owners took it a LONG way […]

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