Frolicking donkeys and sherbert sheets: a thrifty round-up

Well I’ve been having fun junk hunting lately.  Here’s a quick blah blah of what I’ve found over the past few months.  I don’t keep any of it – I’m just the middle man between one man’s trash and one man’s treasure.  (…but I’m a woman, so there’s that. we can discuss man-phrasing later if […]

Family Heirloom gets a makeover

About two years ago – just as we were finishing up our big renovation – I got a call from my father-in-law: Him: “Moo (he calls me Moo) do you want that big thing that was in the dining room in the old house?” Me:  (thinking – big thing big thing what’s the big thing) […]

Milk or Junk?

Have you ever gone out for a gallon of milk and found yourself at a thrift store?  This happens to me all the time. My house is decorated with so many thrifted and yard-saled (and just plain dump-picked) things.  Sometimes I play a game with myself and inventory all of the the things I’ve actually […]

Rocket lamp

The other day I was wandering through a big warehouse thrift store and nothing was really speaking to me. At first glance I was sure I’d find something! The place was cavernous and there were rows and rows of furniture and household doo-dads, plus chandeliers hanging overhead. But after forty five minutes – nothing. Not […]

Why does this blog exist? Blame it on the ugly couch…

So I’ve been lurking around on my favorite blogs for about six months now and keep thinking – I have wicked cool stuff to share, too! Before and afters, mistakes, cool details, thrifty finds and generally things that make me haaaapppy – so why don’t I blog about it? See if the stuff I share […]

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