Pair of mid century artichoke lamps

Note from the management:  Last post on this blog?  Last May.  LAST. MAY.  I was so into it for a while and then it all faded away.  I think I was trying too hard.  Link parties, photo watermarks, long afternoons of Photoshopping, blah, blah.  Took too much time.  It stopped being fun, and felt like […]

Milk or Junk?

Have you ever gone out for a gallon of milk and found yourself at a thrift store?  This happens to me all the time. My house is decorated with so many thrifted and yard-saled (and just plain dump-picked) things.  Sometimes I play a game with myself and inventory all of the the things I’ve actually […]

Why does this blog exist? Blame it on the ugly couch…

So I’ve been lurking around on my favorite blogs for about six months now and keep thinking – I have wicked cool stuff to share, too! Before and afters, mistakes, cool details, thrifty finds and generally things that make me haaaapppy – so why don’t I blog about it? See if the stuff I share […]

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